Early Skin Cancer Signs That Should Not Be Ignored

Skin cancer can develop at any age. It is one of the devastating diseases and very common these days. This disease can be caused by multiple reasons like too much exposure to UV rays or not maintaining a healthy skin care regime. Skin cancer is now curable if spotted early, but you have to play your part in the process to be successful. Just like other diseases, skin cancer also warns affected with early signs and you should get familiar to them as that’s what’s going to save your life. These signs can be at any area of your body and doctor will check areas o f your body where you might have not even imagined you can get skin cancer. To know the early signs of skin cancer, continue reading as we have curated a list of early signs that should not be ignored.

Problems with your Vision

According to experts, problem with your sight is one of the early signs of skin cancer. It is a common type of melanoma known as the melanoma of the eye in which a black spot appears in the back of the eye. The sign can only be discovered when you get your pupils dilated during an eye exam. However, you can detect it with symptoms like a growing dark spot on the iris, blurry vision and etc. if you ever experience these symptoms; you should not ignore them and instead rush to your doctor and get tested. This is the only way you can stop skin cancer as the sooner you seek cure the better it will be for you.

An entirely different mole appears on your skin

Many people have moles on their body, scattered on arms or backs. This sure looks sort of scary, but you have to pay attention to it as it is one of the warning signs of skin cancer. You have to pay attention to a mole that has recently appeared out of nowhere on your body and is entirely different from the others. Mostly such moles appear on spot free part of your body and look completely different than other moles. Moles can appear on your body at any age, but that does not mean that every new mole will turn out bad. Even the moles you are born with can develop into skin cancer. The point is that you have to pay attention to a mole that looks ugly and stands out from other moles on your body. It is an early sign of skin cancer and you should get it treated rather than ignoring to avoid further damages.

Pimple appearing on your body that won’t go away

 Pimples are a problem for many and shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can be a warning sign for skin cancer. According to experts, skin cancer can look like a pimple that doesn’t disappears even after weeks. You might think that it has occurred because you have been consuming oily food lately, but things can turn out differently. This pimple will be different from the usual pimples as it won’t have pus when you squeeze it and it may also go away and appear back on the same spot. It is another early skin cancer sign that is usually ignored because people are unaware of it. Ignoring this sign can be the biggest mistake of one’s life.

Experiencing Unexpected changes after removing a mole

The next alarming sign of skin cancer that should not be ignored is experiencing changes after having a mole removed. If you have a mole removed, but you notice pigmentation extending out the scar, it is extremely concerning. According to experts, if a mole starts spreading from the initial point, it means that it has changed or progressed and will further turn into skin cancer. Consult your doctor if you experience the symptoms like a bump occurring near the scar or you feel pain in that area.

Melanoma in Mucous Membrane

Mucous membranes are the unpopular places where you can get melanoma. We are talking about body parts like cheek, nasal cavity, anal region and vagina. A black spot can appear in these parts of your body and it is one of the early signs of skin cancer that should not be avoided. Doctors still don’t know how these are caused because sun can’t be the reason. It is advised that people should get their mucous membranes checked to avoid skin cancer at an early stage.  

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