Prevent Heartburns With The Help Of These Foods

While eating a delicious food, you feel a sudden painful burning feeling in your heart is a symptom of acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid travel to your esophagus, which is the part of the body that carries food form your mouth to stomach. Heartburns can happen very often and at times it could be so serious that it can be difficult to deal with. Just like other illnesses have natural cures, heartburns and its side effects can also be treated by foods that we are providing you today. The foods are recommended by doctors and dietitians to have during heartburns and you will feel relieved.

Oatmeal and Whole Grains are Helpful

The burn in your heart or throat is caused by the acid that flows back through the esophagus and irritates you. There are medication available at the pharmacies, but why choosing a cure that has its own side effects. Instead of going for medicines, you should use natural solutions to the heartburns. Eating oat meal and whole grain will help you fight against heartburn. Fiber in oat meal and whole grain help reduce the acid that builds up and causes heartburn. Eating products like whole grain bread and pasta will give you relieve from the pain. Products with high fiber content absorb the acid and as you swallow it the soaked food flows back to your stomach.  Moreover, avoid cooking whole grains with products that trigger heartburn like tomato and garlic.

Apples can Control the Frequency of Heartburn

We have been hearing since childhood that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, this thing can actually be correct as apple is one of the most nutritious fruits. it carries a rich content of minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are essential nutrients required by the body. Moreover, apple can also relieve you from heartburns. Fruits like apple are packed with a soluble dietary fiber, called pectin that is helpful with decreasing the frequency of heartburns. According to studies apple is a great source to be used against frequent heartburns.

Chew a Sugar Free Gum After your Meal

The remedy is suggested by experts after a careful study and is helpful to give you relief from heartburns. According to the medical department, chewing sugar free gum for half an hour after your meal can reduce heartburn as continuous chewing will raise the pH levels in your throat. Once the pH level goes above 7 the less acidic your throat will be. Moreover, the swallowing process is increased when you are chewing a gum, which can help clearing acid reflux from your esophagus. Though there are medications and better food available that can help you against heartburn, but it is also a solution which can be used when you don’t have better options.

Fennel Settles the Stomach

Fennel is an amazing option to reduce heartburns. The herb belongs to the carrot family, but appears to be a mixture of onion and celery. The herb is useful against heartburns because of its neutral pH value that helps in settling the stomach. According to doctors, fennel is a great food that acts well against acid reflux and improves your stomach function by improving gastric motility. It can be consumed raw or can be cooked with chicken or fish. It is a great food to be used when you feel your heartburning.

Ginger is a Stomach Soothing Ingredient

 Ginger has amazing properties that are helpful in soothing stomach and relieving from heartburns. It is an anti-inflammatory by nature and can help reducing inflammation of the esophagus. Eating ginger raw takes a lot of guts, but you can have it with smoothies or tea. Ginger tea is what most people prefer and according to experts this fragrant root is effective against heartburns and stomach issues.

Low Fat Dairy can help reduce Heartburn

Some dairy products have high amount of fat, which is one of the reasons of heartburn. People who have a habit of consuming more dairy products are suggested switching to low fat dairy products.

These foods are helpful against heartburns. The next time you feel sudden pain in your heart or throat, you should get yourself these foods to prevent heartburn.    

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